Yoyo Foods Ltd.

I’m on my way to Africa! I’m in transit.

First I fly from Toronto to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Then from Ethiopia to Harare (Zimbabwe). Then from Harare to Lusaka (Zambia) and now I’m en route from Lusaka to Livingstone (Zambia).

After more than 21 hours of flying, one starts getting a little giddy. I mean, there is little else to do. And so, today, when some comic relief was served to me via a bag of Cheese and Onion “Crisps” (aka chips) and a Castle Beer, I couldn’t help laughing out loud and uncontrollably.20150225_163615

Only pictures can do my amusement justice.

Notice the labelling.

The bag of chips featured is filled with FRESH potatoes.  As you may well imagine, I didn’t find any fresh potatoes in there.

Next up – Palm Olein (more or less palm oil) with Antioxidants! Yes – Antioxidants in your chips.

Finally we’ve got “Cheese ‘n’ Onion” seasoning. I’m still wondering why it is preferable to use the 3 characters indicating ‘n’ when ‘and’ works very well with 3 letters. Letters! Oh what a novel idea.  I’m not even going to start pontificating about the specification of dried onions and garlic as herbs and spices! Which is the herb and which is the spice? And only in passing will I mention that Alcohol Abuse is Dangerous to your Health.20150225_163951

North American potato chip producers and their marketing agencies need to take notice of this brilliance asap.

Are your free radicals out of control? Is your health in danger? Don’t worry… just watch for the new Extra Wavy Lays with Antioxidants coming soon to your local supermarket. 

Yours truly,

Yoyo Food Ltd., Lusaka, Zambia

p.s. My sanity will return shortly (after a few hours of needed sleep).

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