Discover Your Purpose and Shine

What is the ‘why’ of your life? That was the question I was asked this morning.

I’m guessing if you are anything like me that you may not have it figured out quite yet. Few people have, but Bishop Eric Mwambelo sure has. Eric founded an NGO here in Kabwe called Impact Community Outreach, which serves the vulnerable through programs including: water and sanitation, healthcare, education, agriculture and small business development.

Today we spent most of the day together.

Eric is what I call “infectious’. An enormous smile never leaves his face. He has big white teeth and they contrast against his black skin only serving to further illuminate his shine.

One cannot help feel Eric’s presence when he is near. His voice is commanding and his countenance beaming. It is almost like he’s on fire. You can just feel his warmth.

Eric has a purpose in life and pursues it with his entire being in a way that I’ve never seen before.

Eric is a teacher, church planter and community worker in Kabwe – that is his purpose. He told me this but it is pretty obvious because it seems to transcend his everything. He gives of himself over and over and over again in his impoverished, sick, needy and grieving community. When people like Eric give me advice, I sit up straight and really listen.

This morning Eric told me that unless I know my ‘why’ I will not understand my purpose in life. He explained what it takes to impact this world and that it is only possible when you discover your purpose and begin to pursue it.

Eric explained that when I discover my purpose, it will define who I am – it will give me a true identity. It will allow me to become an answer to the predicaments of mankind. It will guide me and clearly show me what I am capable of doing and what I cannot do. It will act as a seed for success and help me determine where to live. All of these things are true of Eric and he’s one of the shiniest people I’ve ever met.

I want to shine… but I think I need to answer my ‘why’ first.

What is your why?

4 thoughts on “Discover Your Purpose and Shine”

  1. Amazing what we learn from someone on the other side of the world….it transforms you and then you are able to share that with others and pass it on. What a gift! Xox

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