This is Africa

I ate gasoline. I drove an excavator.

You may ask why and my answer would be “This is Africa”.

“TIA” is the acronym that explains the unexplainable. It proves all your assumptions wrong and surprises you time and time again. I am having so many of these moments and I would like to share one of them with you now.

Today was a big day; our friend Jeff found a great deposit of manganese in the mine. The mine, like the bush, is off-road. However, it is much closer than all the villages we’ve visited.

In days gone by, the mine was active. That is, until the Zambians made some quick money and then quickly abandoned it to live like kings. There remains promise in this mine and Jeff is excavating it further and pumping the water away in order for the owners to realize on this potential. Since January, Jeff has been digging and today he found what he was looking for.

We don’t always find what we’re looking for when we want. Nor do we find it how we think we’ll find it, or where. Sometimes what we’re looking for needs to be uncovered and discovered.

First we may need to remove the dirt to uncover the rock. When we find the one rock we’re looking for, then we’ve got to discover that particular enriched vein in the earth that will lead us to the promised land of prosperity. But first the dirt must be removed.

Today I removed the dirt.

There was a lot of dirt and so I used a track excavator. A track excavator is a big machine. It takes some learning to operate such heavy equipment. Under one’s control, it grows your arm and strengthens it. Although it is not a part of your body, it becomes an extension of your flesh and bones. It gives you great power.

Sometimes we find our selves in deep murky pits only to find muddy sediment and grime. We might look for months, even years trekking through it. But my friends, don’t trek through the dirt – remove it.

What you’re looking for lies right beneath your feet, just dig a little deeper.

And yes, I ate gasoline, which I do not recommend. But that is another story for another day.

This is Africa.

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