Where I Am Small

Always watching, the sun encourages a lioness and her cubs to rise. Today on the Savannah will be the same as yesterday and it will be the same as tomorrow. The land will rest, and then it will hunger and thirst. After it will sleep. But unpredictably, a silent drama unfolds and I succumb to its earthy magic.

A day and a lifetime mutually reinforce each other. The rhythm of the morning blends into noon only to stretch into the horizon of life’s final setting sun.

Gently, the Maasai Mara reminds us of our place in the world. Liberty imbues its vast sky and inhabits the grassy plains. This is a kingdom where freedom is at peace. It is a place where I am small.

The wind stirs the dust until it dissolves into my breath only to be momentarily stolen away by a nearby lioness nursing her cubs as she basks in the sun. This is the pride; wherein lay affection, security and the mighty roar of protection.

The lioness is strong. Her life is one of family. She suckles all young, sharing with her sisters in the nurturing of their growth. Together they hunt. Together they eat. Jointly, she enables her lion’s dominance enabling his purr and calling out his roar. Alone, she is small.

A patchy network of shrubbery is disaggregated across the expanse of land that lays bare its soul. From within this humble palace, the pride dominates its kingdom.

The golden hue of the lion’s mane lingers in the sun betraying the majesty of his supremacy, his athletic physique and his pride’s collective rule. The power and visual glory of these mighty creatures only serves to substantiate their commitment to joint support but where each one knows their place.

Each cub greets the others with a loving nuzzle. One affectionate encounter after another nurtures their bond, their love and their pride. Each lioness welcomes her sister’s cubs as her own.

Life is played out for all to see. There is a marked absence of uncertainty as to whom is deserving of respect. The lion’s strength commands deference. The lioness hunts. She is fierce and the weak fall prey to her and her sisters’ determinate strategy and certainty. She feeds first, opening the sinewy carcass for her cubs.

We have watched her for so long. She does not teach us anything new. Only, she reminds us of what we already know and reminds us as to what of necessity must be.

A pride, jointly working together across patchy shrubs of green to raise its young, to greet each other with affection, to share and to respect each others’ strength.

Where I am small, is alone.

Where I am strong, is together.

As a family, we are the pride of the earth. Let us behave as such and may liberty reign supreme across our lands

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