On to Malawi

Our journey from Zambia to Malawi didn’t begin well. Rita and I made such wonderful friends at the Luangwa Safari Lodge and we were sad to say goodbye. I keep telling myself that goodbye was only until next time; else I think I may have stayed, but Malawi was calling us. We had a plane to catch and had to go.

Our first turn onto the highway back to airport in Lusaka should have been right, but we turned left. Realizing the mistake, Rita quickly corrected course but this should have been our first warning sign of things to come.

A roadblock welcomed us to Lusaka, Traffic was at a standstill. There were no viable alternatives and so we decided to navigate an ‘off-road’ detour. We simply didn’t have time to waste parked in the middle of the highway.

Our detour took us on an interesting journey through the heart of a graveyard and into the middle of a funeral before we found ourselves face to face with a mini-bus in the middle of a mud-puddle.

The mini-bus is an ugly scavenger in the heard of motorcars. It scours the road looking for prey, powered by a primal insatiable hunger. One is best advised to avoid this beast at all costs. It loves to bite.

Then it happened. All of a sudden and all at once, we were eye to eye with the creature. As the mini-bus flew into the mud-puddle, it assaulted us with a splash of dirt before gnawing our passenger door with its vicious teeth. The door sustained deep scrapes and painful bruises. The mini-bus beast also suffered some scrapes and bruises before quickly scampering into the bush with its taillight hanging between its legs.

Although a little dazed, we made our way out of the mud and continued on to the airport with time to spare. We checked our luggage, passed through security and boarded our plane.

Happily finding our seats, we breathed a sigh of relief. We were safely on our way to Malawi, but our plane wasn’t.

Our plane was on its way to Ethiopia. Our luggage was on its way to Malawi and there we were caught in the crossfire. Thankfully, the plane had not yet engaged its engines and we were escorted to disembark very quickly.

All sorts of logistical instructions ensued. Stand here. Stand there. Go here. Walk there. Another escort was required before boarding our Malawian plane. All of this commotion earned us a picture with the Captain, much joking and a visit to the cockpit. Thankfully, it also got us to Malawi on time.

2 thoughts on “On to Malawi”

    1. It continues… We arrived in Malawi after 5pm and so all the money booths were closed. Our phones didn’t work either. We were stranded with no phone and no money. So, Rita borrowed a strangers phone to have our driver deliver the car and then we drove off in a vehicle with no working speedometer!

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